Aerial View of My House

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Aerial View of My House

If you are like me when I went to Google looking for an aerial view of my house, I came across several sites that were not much help. Fortunately, there are several

websites and programs like Google Earth where you can get a bird’s eye view of your house. I downloaded free software known as Google Earth which allows for you to zoom-in on any location in the world and get a satellite image. These images are not live probably due to security and privacy reason, but they are pretty recent.  You will be able to tell how recent the satellite images are by looking at the trees in your neighborhood to figure out what season it is, or if certain renovations you have done recently show up on the image. For example, we just put in a pool at our house and when I found a satellite image of an aerial view of my house, the image showed the pool being built. You will find some neighborhoods (perhaps yours) where the satellite imagery is not a very high resolution, but you still have other options.

Google Maps is the online version of Google Earth that can be accessed through your web browser instead of a software program. The other main difference between Google Maps and Google Earth is that Google Maps doesn’t have as many maps of other countries.  Google Maps allows you to do directions and it also shows POIs like nearby restaurants or hotels which is a great feature while traveling.  Google Maps does have satellite images and I use it all the time to see aerial views of my house.  If you have a mobile phone, there are phone applications for both Google Maps and Google Earth that you can download on your phone. This works great if you want to see an aerial satellite image map of your location while traveling.

Yahoo! Maps is a direct competitor to Google Maps and has similar features.  I was able to see an aerial view of my house by using Yahoo! Maps.  Basically, Google Maps and Yahoo! Maps are the same, but you might want to check both to see which has the best quality and highest resolution satellite image of your house.  Bing, like Yahoo and Google, also has a satellite imagery feature which is relatively new to the market.  There are several others like OpenStreetMap, Nasa World Wind, and Flash Earth, but Google and Yahoo have by far the most popular tools to see aerial maps of your house.

When I saw an aerial view of my house, I was disappointed with the image quality. Fortunately, if you are serious about seeing a satellite image of your house, you can buy these images.  Mapmart will send you a high quality photo of your house from their database for a price. If they don’t have the picture readily available, they will order it for you. So if you are disappointed with the image quality, you do have other options.  Overall, I still think Google Earth and Google Maps are the best ways to see satellite images of your house as they are updated constantly and provide other information like directions and points of interest.

Finding an Aerial View of your House

Have you every flown into your home town on an airplane and wondered what your house looked like from up above? I think many of us have had that curious notion at

some point, but until recently we either had to get lucky and fly over it at some point or simply use our imagination. Now, though, there are resources at our disposal that make it possible to see what most of us have only been guessing at for generations. There are numerous satellite image resources on the internet that will show you an aerial view of your home – absolutely free.

How is this possible?
Simply put, thousands and thousands of satellites are orbiting the earth right now. Many of them are equipped with high-resolutions cameras that are able to take detailed photos of the planet’s surface. These satellites are owned by companies that sell the images to websites. These websites then design user interfaces that allow you to search for a particular place, landmark, or address, find the aerial view from that satellite, and interact with it in unique ways. In some cases, these satellites can pick out surface objects as small as 18 inches across.

Is what I’m seeing happening live?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. It depends on the company, but most websites get updated images about twice a month. This greatly depends on the area you live, however. Some remote areas may not get update images for a couple of years. Areas of natural disasters tend to get updated more frequently to help with rescue operations, but that is an exception.

So, where do I go?
The internet has a lot of resources available for looking at an aerial view. I have listed a few of them for you here: